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It feels sooooooooooo amazing to be back in the gym again!
I can't believe I ever stopped doing that!
I went to the gym today and brought along Lil Dan and Kirk. It was so incredibly amazing. We got to meet up with some of the other traceurs from the area. I was surprised at how many of them there were there. I thought only a few people would show up but there was probably a good 10-15 people there. Frostbite/David was there Blackpandemic/Greg was there a bunch of other people who I forgot to get names for also. I got to practice some flips (NOT PARKOUR) and stuff that I haven't done in forever, but somehow I still managed to do them all just as well as I could back in Texas. I did a couple of monkeys over a pretty high vault and than almost did some kongs over it. Jumping through rings, doing crazy flips, all kinds of awesome stuff. Kirk hurt his neck which was not cool, but he got some other good stuff in before that and a little bit afterwards. Lil Dan finaly got his monkey over some soft squishy mats. Now we just have to get him to do that over the bench :-P.
My foot is doing alright today but I do not think it will be that way tomorrow. I did some pretty heavy jumping/landing/skating on it.
They meet up every saturday from 6-7:30 at the same place so I am looking forward to going there every week.
Fuck! I just checked my work schedule and I'm working from 4-7 this Saturday. Maybe I could get someone to switch with me....
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