pkrainbowchaser (pkrainbowchaser) wrote,

Friday sessioning...

Everyone has school off on Friday so we've made plans to meet up again. Heres the schedule so far.
Me and Kirk can meet up earlier because he has to go do something so around 10ish at the metro. Whenever other people can get there. At 1 theres an open gym at Xtreme Acro and Cheer which I dont think were going to be able to make unless someone can get us a ride there. Its 5 bucks for the session there. Also normal saturday group is still meeting at the gym from 6-7:30 that one will run you 7 dollars but it would be a good place to meet up with some new people. After Kirk leaves I was going to head back to the park and meet everyone who wasnt here last time and work the vaults that we were doing there monday. And if you guys get comfortable down there, depending on how well the metro scouting went we might head back up there.
We also have a new member that Kirk recruited, so were all looking forward to meeting Dan on Friday also.
In sadder news, my shoes arived today but were a little bit too big. I guess I should have checked better in the store :(
I'm going to send them back and get a half size smaller and hopefuly that will work. Incredibly comfy shoes though even being too big and all. I can't wait till the new ones get here. Proably sometime next week.
Nick, Tim....I expect to see you guys there on Friday...ahem. That is all.
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