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Day two of many to come...

Another day of exercise and training with my good ol traceur buddies. :)
We got through some vaults some rolls and some conditioning. Kirk succesfully completed a Monkey Vault over the bench and has almost gotten the Kong Vault over the table. Lil Dan is still struggling with the Monkey but is getting better. He has the skill just fine now if only he would do it (any self depricating statements made here by you will be deleted just FYI Lil Dan).
Rolls are pretty good; next step: concrete :)

My foot seems to be doing fine today. I iced it last night and wrapped it in an Ace bandage and rewrapped it in the morning with some advil in me. It doesnt hurt as much, it's bearable to walk on at least. I was careful to stay off of it today during training which was kinda interesting. I feel lightheaded right now, kind of like im a balloon floating in air but anchored to the ground with a piece of tape...I don't think thats related though.

Friday were doing more training at the park than jogging down to the metro. It should be pretty empty there during the day so we should have the place pretty much to ourselves. Working on wall runs and landings/rolls there....looking forward to it :).

Heres the conditioning still seems like so little...
Pullups-1x10 1x3
Suicide Pushups-up to 6 down to 3
Leg Raises-1x10
Trunk Lifts-2x20
Side Crunches-2x30
Frog Leaps-1x10
Calf Raises-2x30

Heres last weeks just for refrence....

Pull ups: 1 x 10 :(
Reverse pull ups: 1 x 3 :'(
Dips: 2 x 10
Ballanced Pushups: 1 x 10
Bench Walks 1 x 10
Handstands: 1 x 20, 1 x 60
Situps (elbows to knees): 3 x 30
Leg raises: 3 x 10
Trunk lifts: 2 x 30
Side crunches: 2 x 30
Squats: 2 x 20
Pistols: 1 x 10
Frog leaps: 3 x 10
Calf raises: 2 x 30
Weighted calf raises: 1 x 15

Just a little depressing. I should be getting better...
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