pkrainbowchaser (pkrainbowchaser) wrote,

Another day out in the world...

So after a little bit of confusion and planning and changes of plans, yesterday me and Psycosis went out and had a little mini jam. It was supposed to be a few more people but they couldn't make it so it was just us two. We started off at his place and we sessioned his playground for a bit. Than we went to another playground and did some stuff there. There were some rails that we precisioned and underbared, some walls that we climbed and ran on, than the playground. The playground was full of kids at first, some sort of a field trip type thing or something, after a while they all went to the side and had lunch so we went up on the playground. It was pretty good, I had some pretty good flow for a bit. I had one pretty epic bail though. I tried to kong over the edge of the playground, it was probably about 7 feet high from the top of the rail, I went over it like a normal kong and everything, only thing was it wasn't a normal rail. It was curved outward, so when I went over it I let my feet down like for when I was going over a straight rail and clipped my feet on the edge. I keep going over and than all of a sudden its like...wait, why is the ground in front of me? Than BAM! My chest takes the blunt of the impact, my head smashes into the ground after that, bounces once before coming to rest, than my legs come down and kinda flop onto the ground. It was all very suprising and took me a second to realize that I was falling. I got the wind knocked out of me a bit but thats all. I got up and started laughing about it, Psycosis was lauging too. He was about to pee himself he was laughing so hard. Anyways it was all good fun. After that we went to Rosslyn Metro Station. We started off in the park we were at for Beast Coast, but after that we went to a new place. We decided to go scouting for some new spots, and boy did we ever find some good ones. This one lady asked us what we were doing, shes all like, "you're very bouncy." I thought it was very amusing. Theres a lot of good spots at Rosslyn. We have to go back there with the rest of the people to show them to them. I had to go to work after that, but Psycosis came with me and sessioned a few areas around Rio. After I got off work we went back to Rosslyn and walked to the movie theater on K street to see B13. It was amazing. Anyone who wants to go back and watch it with me I am completely up for that. We headed home after that. All in all, I think it was a pretty amazing day.
Sore as a mother right now again tho.
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