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How long I have waited for this day...

OMG! I can't believe its finally here! Its so close I can almost taste it!
^^^Go there! Its the B13 site for the american version. Release date is June 2. Kirk I know your going to be there. Anyone else who wants to come along is fine. There might even be a group going from DC already. Ill have to check that. Regardless Im going to see it than.
Also...BEAST COAST JAM!!!!!!!! Its like 2 weeks away right now. Get your ass into gear if you want to go. Kirk again, call me up if youre free and want to train sometime after prom next week or even sunday(if were not both completely out by than!) I've been sucking down the whey again, a glass a day woo hoo! I'm doing a few things before bed again, kinda easing into it though. I don't want to get hurt too quickly. Im feeling just about 100% again though. I've started konging my couch again and without any pain too. I've yet to do anything outside yet though. I need to start jogging again. Jogging and practicing. Im feeling so ready to go out and train again though!
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