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Hey guys, I pulled this off of the forums. This is the preliminary schedule for the Beast Coast Mega Jam that is happening Memorial Day weekend. This is going to be a huge jam. I plan on going to it and if anyone else is going we should probably work out a carpool. We've still got some time until this is happening but its something that you should definately be thinking about.

Re: Mark your calenders! Memorial Day, (B)East Coast Mega Jam!
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Memorial day is monday, That will be the travelling day for the people who come from far and wide. So the people going to prom will have time to sleep in on saturday.

Here we go for the festivities:

2 pm - Saturday, 27th of May. Meet at Skipper's house and we will kick it off with a nice BBQ. Arrive anytime between 2 and 5pm because we will be going to the Gym shortly after. If you are driving, E-mail for my address.

5:45 pm - Saturday, 27th of May - Leave Skipper's house and head to Xtreme Acro and Cheer Gym in Rockville MD. session is from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, sometimes they let us stay later. Right after that, we head to a place to eat dinner (We usually go to Asia Cafe, but that might be too small for all of us). I will Think of a place that can hold all of us as the jam approaches.

~10pm - Saturday, 27th of May - (location TBA, But it will be inside DC, possible downtown) SMALL, warmup jam. Get the muscles moving, stretched out, drill a few techs, etc. This will be short, and we will then retire to our respected homes. **still not decided if this will happen or not, please leave input on wheather or not to have this small jam**

**Everyone make sure you contact the person you are staying with on a regular basis until the jam, I know ive forgotten most of the people staying at my house. lol**

Wake up and Meet at the Rosslyn metro station at 9 AM on sunday morning. If you think thats too early, youre just as bad as the FWT's We DEMOLISH Rosslyn and Georgetown until there is nothing left. Then repeat the demolishing process in Silver Spring Maryland. Both of those spots have enough to occupy an entire day, so it wont get boring. Classes will be out at Georgetown Univ. so it will be fairly empty.

**We will play the eating schedule by ear for that day**

If we still want more Jammage, We head to Bethesda, MD for a bit. But of course, by then most of us will be dead tired.

Open for suggestions on what to do sunday night. Monday is Memorial day so that can be the traveling day for people and we can have fun all sunday. I think Monday morning we should all meet at an IHOP to bid our farewells.

Let me know of any mistakes in the schedule. Or if you would want anything changed and ill think about it
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