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I Will Run Till I Can Fly; Ill Chase My Rainbow Cross The Sky [entries|friends|calendar]

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Update [14 Aug 2006|06:31pm]
I haven't updated in a while because I've gotten lazy. Yesterday I went out to do some conditioning with Caitlyn and Kirk. Gear lead the session and M2, Akh, and Kipup even showed up. It was one of the best strength training sessions that I've ever done, and I am still incredibly sore. I hope we can keep doing this every week or at least frequently. I need to get back into shape.
In other news I am thinking about restarting Shaolin, I will have to talk to Mikey about it. I want to re-earn my black belt all the way up from white, I hope he will let me do that.
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Another day out in the world... [08 Jun 2006|01:15pm]
So after a little bit of confusion and planning and changes of plans, yesterday me and Psycosis went out and had a little mini jam. It was supposed to be a few more people but they couldn't make it so it was just us two. We started off at his place and we sessioned his playground for a bit. Than we went to another playground and did some stuff there. There were some rails that we precisioned and underbared, some walls that we climbed and ran on, than the playground. The playground was full of kids at first, some sort of a field trip type thing or something, after a while they all went to the side and had lunch so we went up on the playground. It was pretty good, I had some pretty good flow for a bit. I had one pretty epic bail though. I tried to kong over the edge of the playground, it was probably about 7 feet high from the top of the rail, I went over it like a normal kong and everything, only thing was it wasn't a normal rail. It was curved outward, so when I went over it I let my feet down like for when I was going over a straight rail and clipped my feet on the edge. I keep going over and than all of a sudden its like...wait, why is the ground in front of me? Than BAM! My chest takes the blunt of the impact, my head smashes into the ground after that, bounces once before coming to rest, than my legs come down and kinda flop onto the ground. It was all very suprising and took me a second to realize that I was falling. I got the wind knocked out of me a bit but thats all. I got up and started laughing about it, Psycosis was lauging too. He was about to pee himself he was laughing so hard. Anyways it was all good fun. After that we went to Rosslyn Metro Station. We started off in the park we were at for Beast Coast, but after that we went to a new place. We decided to go scouting for some new spots, and boy did we ever find some good ones. This one lady asked us what we were doing, shes all like, "you're very bouncy." I thought it was very amusing. Theres a lot of good spots at Rosslyn. We have to go back there with the rest of the people to show them to them. I had to go to work after that, but Psycosis came with me and sessioned a few areas around Rio. After I got off work we went back to Rosslyn and walked to the movie theater on K street to see B13. It was amazing. Anyone who wants to go back and watch it with me I am completely up for that. We headed home after that. All in all, I think it was a pretty amazing day.
Sore as a mother right now again tho.
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Just WOW.... [01 Jun 2006|08:38pm]
Mkay, this guy isn't parkour, hes just fucking amazing...like seriously, AMAZING!
Hes Cyril Raffaelli. He costars with Belle in B13, hes a stunt man and hes done a lot of movies. Check out the site, its all in french but I linked you directly to the video page, just go check out a few of them (or all of them like I did). Because he is seriously incredible.

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Beast Coast Jam 06 Recap... [31 May 2006|09:01pm]
Okay, so like I said before, Beast Coast was AMAZING! There were about 55 people there from all over the country. A lot of them were from this area though so weve got some people we can meet up with and jam with sometime. I learned a lot of new skills and drills that I can practice now and really need to get out and try some more to make sure that I keep them. My main thing that I have now is precision jumps. I love them so much. They're so scarry, but they get me so pumped on adrenaline, and when you land a rail to rail its just such an incredible feeling of relief and amazement and you're like wow! I just made that! I pushed the distance of my jumps a little bit for some of the precisions too. I got in some precisions from heights, precisions to heights, and of course some rail work in as well.
My other big thing that I did was wall climbs. I got up on top of a wall that was about 8/9 feet I'm estimating. That was at the end of the day too so I probably could have gotten a little higher earlier in the day.
The gym session was amazing on Saturday, and I think I wore myself out there too soon because I started out Sunday already sore. I got a lot of good work in though regardless of the pain and I think I am better for it. I've been sucking down protien like nobodys shit and I think I'm gaining weight too. I've gained about 1.5 pounds of pure heart thumping muscle. :-D
Im not sore anymore today so I think I'm going to do my nightly workouts again to get back into the game. My upper body leaves a lot to be desired, as do my abs. But not to worry. They will be back and kicking in a month or two.
This summer is going to be incredible. I can't wait till I'm out of school and can train nonstop. Morning jogs, afternoon training, nightly workouts, it'll be great!
It'd be nice if I had some companions to train with, so if your interested just hit me up and ill come out and play!
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! [29 May 2006|12:21am]
More later. Now I sleep.

That is all.
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How long I have waited for this day... [11 May 2006|03:57pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

OMG! I can't believe its finally here! Its so close I can almost taste it!
^^^Go there! Its the B13 site for the american version. Release date is June 2. Kirk I know your going to be there. Anyone else who wants to come along is fine. There might even be a group going from DC already. Ill have to check that. Regardless Im going to see it than.
Also...BEAST COAST JAM!!!!!!!! Its like 2 weeks away right now. Get your ass into gear if you want to go. Kirk again, call me up if youre free and want to train sometime after prom next week or even sunday(if were not both completely out by than!) I've been sucking down the whey again, a glass a day woo hoo! I'm doing a few things before bed again, kinda easing into it though. I don't want to get hurt too quickly. Im feeling just about 100% again though. I've started konging my couch again and without any pain too. I've yet to do anything outside yet though. I need to start jogging again. Jogging and practicing. Im feeling so ready to go out and train again though!

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Fucking cripples...they should all die... [26 Apr 2006|12:09am]
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BEAST COAST MEGA JAM!!!! [13 Feb 2006|01:24pm]
Hey guys, I pulled this off of the forums. This is the preliminary schedule for the Beast Coast Mega Jam that is happening Memorial Day weekend. This is going to be a huge jam. I plan on going to it and if anyone else is going we should probably work out a carpool. We've still got some time until this is happening but its something that you should definately be thinking about.

Re: Mark your calenders! Memorial Day, (B)East Coast Mega Jam!
« Reply #53 on: February 12, 2006, 05:52:21 pm »

Memorial day is monday, That will be the travelling day for the people who come from far and wide. So the people going to prom will have time to sleep in on saturday.

Here we go for the festivities:

2 pm - Saturday, 27th of May. Meet at Skipper's house and we will kick it off with a nice BBQ. Arrive anytime between 2 and 5pm because we will be going to the Gym shortly after. If you are driving, E-mail Skipper@americanparkour.com for my address.

5:45 pm - Saturday, 27th of May - Leave Skipper's house and head to Xtreme Acro and Cheer Gym in Rockville MD. http://www.xtremeacroandcheer.com/The session is from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, sometimes they let us stay later. Right after that, we head to a place to eat dinner (We usually go to Asia Cafe, but that might be too small for all of us). I will Think of a place that can hold all of us as the jam approaches.

~10pm - Saturday, 27th of May - (location TBA, But it will be inside DC, possible downtown) SMALL, warmup jam. Get the muscles moving, stretched out, drill a few techs, etc. This will be short, and we will then retire to our respected homes. **still not decided if this will happen or not, please leave input on wheather or not to have this small jam**

**Everyone make sure you contact the person you are staying with on a regular basis until the jam, I know ive forgotten most of the people staying at my house. lol**

Wake up and Meet at the Rosslyn metro station at 9 AM on sunday morning. If you think thats too early, youre just as bad as the FWT's We DEMOLISH Rosslyn and Georgetown until there is nothing left. Then repeat the demolishing process in Silver Spring Maryland. Both of those spots have enough to occupy an entire day, so it wont get boring. Classes will be out at Georgetown Univ. so it will be fairly empty.

**We will play the eating schedule by ear for that day**

If we still want more Jammage, We head to Bethesda, MD for a bit. But of course, by then most of us will be dead tired.

Open for suggestions on what to do sunday night. Monday is Memorial day so that can be the traveling day for people and we can have fun all sunday. I think Monday morning we should all meet at an IHOP to bid our farewells.

Let me know of any mistakes in the schedule. Or if you would want anything changed and ill think about it
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Oh how cold it is in the snow... [12 Feb 2006|10:29am]
So gym session yesterday. I was the only one there. It was pretty intense. There were some little girls there finishing up a meet or something but once they were done I pretty much had the whole place to myself. Some other guys came in for something else a little later but they were mostly on the tramps and stuff. I got some amazing kong distance practice in. I took up the whole floor and ran and vaulted the stack with butter on top lengthwise and and than put a little blue mat in front of it about three feet away and vaulted that. I also split the stack in half and put the blue mat between them lengthwise and vaulted over both of them. This snow really sucks. I was going to go out and do some more stuff but now I cant because its all snowy. I had a few bails trying to get more distance beyond my limit and tore up my foot a little and got a bruise or two on my leg but its all good now. Nothing too serious.
Strength training this week it looks like.
Get big and strong.

Oh yeah I forgot something. One of the guys who was there asked me what I was doing. I told him I was practicing for parkour and tried to explain it a little bit. He asked me if it was like freestyle walking which kinda tripped me out for a second. I wasnt really sure what to say but I was just like no its not. I hope I explained it good enough, I mean I know how much debate there is within the community about what it is and how to describe it to people.
Oh yeah. Another thing.Ouch. I am so sore today.
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So they still make these eh? [08 Feb 2006|07:07pm]
Someone finaly put out a new video. Its pretty good. The guys have got some skills.

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Saut du Chat [01 Feb 2006|09:34pm]
Okay now I haven't authorized anymore vaulting yet but for when you do this was a nice little tutorial that I found by ASA on APK(WHICH YOU STILL NEED TO JOIN COUGH KIRK COUGH). Enjoy.

Saut du Chat ("Kong") Troubleshooter

I composed this guide in response to the many requests for help with saut du chats (from here on out I will refer to them as cat jumps). It is by no means perfect so if during the course of your reading you notice an error or exclusion, please say something and I will change it.

Okay, let's get down to business.

1) I'm scared of clipping my feet / My legs won't fit between my arms

This is by far the problem that plagues traceurs learning cat jumps the most, so don't worry, you're not alone. The mistakes you are making is keeping your butt too low, not tucking your legs tight enough and/or not pushing hard enough.

A common illusion people have about cat jumping is that you are simply supposed to jump through your arms. NO! Your arms are jumping just as much as your legs are. Once you jump and place your hands on the ledge be prepared to push. As your knees come to your your chest, push up and forward with your wrists and arms.

If pushing harder isn't working, have your friend watch you attempt a cat jump (somewhere safe such as your couch) and tell you where your butt is. Chances are that he/she will tell you they are at your elbow level. This is wrong. If you want to get any distance or clearance on your cat jumps you should have your rear at or above your head before you push off. LEAN FORWARD.

If you're getting your push down and your butt in the air1 but aren't clearing your obstacle, then you need to tuck your legs nice and tight. As you're traveling over the obstacle, bring your knees up to your chest hard (for heavyset people, this may be difficult. The solution is to work harder on the push and keeping your butt high).

2) I'm not getting enough distance from my cat jumps

For someone that can already cat jump, this problem should be simple to remedy. There are two ways to increase your cat jump2; the first is jumping farther from the obstacle and the second is pushing harder with your arms.

Find an obstacle to cat jump. Lay down a marker (unobtrusively) two feet in front of the obstacle. Place a second marker two feet behind the obstacle. Run up and take off at the first marker and cat jump the obstacle, push with all of your strength. Coming off of the obsticle your arms should be extended straight back with your palms up. You will have cleared the second marker if you did this right. Repeat this at least five times today. Tomorrow, move both of the markers a couple more inches away from the obstacle. Continue this regiment increasing a few inches on each side every day until you feel comfortable with your distance.

3) I'm too scared to cat jump.

There are several ways to deal with your fear. The best way is probably just definitely it up and committing, but until you make that decision, you can prepare with these strategies:

MONKEY PLANT: one tip to help with the fear is to do a monkey plant on the obstacle you are cat jumping. Once your body gets used to the feeling of diving into something, instead of planting your feet; lean forward with your rump in the air. Land safely on the ground and you've got a cat jump!

STAIR CATS: find a stairset of about 4 to 5 stairs, and practice cat jumping up the stairs from the bottom. This will help your body develop what is called "muscle memory". This means that the combination of dive, plant, tuck and butt-up will all combine until it is second nature. Also, If you clip your feet, there's no drop on the other side to injure yourself on.

CAT YO' COUCH: The sofa, the furniture industry's gift to traceurs. Learn to use it to it's full potential. Practice cat jumping from your floor, planting on the arm and landing (bailing?) on the cushions. This gets rid of your face-planting fears and really helps you learn to get your head down and your butt up.

Focus and Commit!

1 like you just don't care
2 This is about the point where "jump" becomes funny to say.
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A tear shed for those lost.... [29 Jan 2006|08:21pm]
Kirk Kirk Kirk.....
What are we going to do with you?
First major injury award goes to Kirk. Hopefuly we wont be handing out too many of these.
Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk Kirk.
Train more and when your back on your leg we'll try and get a little routine for you to get back in shape.
Im thinking I should probably take my training solo from here for a while....
Sorry for the masses who were eager to train but I think it's best this way. I can't help you guys unless I am comfortable with everything myself. Well pick it up again soon, but until than work hard and stay in shape and anything you do on your own is your own buisness just don't hurt yourself.
Be safe...
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Peter Jackson would be proud.... [27 Jan 2006|06:07pm]
I just got my first real Kong Vault today...
Just thought you should know.

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Gymtastic... [23 Jan 2006|07:09pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

It feels sooooooooooo amazing to be back in the gym again!
I can't believe I ever stopped doing that!
I went to the gym today and brought along Lil Dan and Kirk. It was so incredibly amazing. We got to meet up with some of the other traceurs from the area. I was surprised at how many of them there were there. I thought only a few people would show up but there was probably a good 10-15 people there. Frostbite/David was there Blackpandemic/Greg was there a bunch of other people who I forgot to get names for also. I got to practice some flips (NOT PARKOUR) and stuff that I haven't done in forever, but somehow I still managed to do them all just as well as I could back in Texas. I did a couple of monkeys over a pretty high vault and than almost did some kongs over it. Jumping through rings, doing crazy flips, all kinds of awesome stuff. Kirk hurt his neck which was not cool, but he got some other good stuff in before that and a little bit afterwards. Lil Dan finaly got his monkey over some soft squishy mats. Now we just have to get him to do that over the bench :-P.
My foot is doing alright today but I do not think it will be that way tomorrow. I did some pretty heavy jumping/landing/skating on it.
They meet up every saturday from 6-7:30 at the same place so I am looking forward to going there every week.
Fuck! I just checked my work schedule and I'm working from 4-7 this Saturday. Maybe I could get someone to switch with me....

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Show me the hookup.... [23 Jan 2006|12:16am]
Finaly! I get to go to the gym tomorrow and meet up with some fellow traceurs! I am very excited! :)
I'll have a big update about it afterwards.

In other news I found that song from the Dvinsk Clan video that was really awesome. It makes me very happy.
It's called Akhenaton Belsunce Break by Bouga.


D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown

Tout part et vient d'ici
Tu contestes ? Prépare ton testament gars
Belsunce fleuron des quartiers phocéens
Coincés entre la gare et le vieux port
On est pas les plus à plaindre
À domicile comme à l'extérieur
On sévit sur les cafards comme le Baygon

D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown

Pour l'heure chacun s'occupe
Comme il peut à représenter le quartier, ouais le quartier
Certains font des T.shirts
Et d'autres sont champions, ou chanteurs reconnus
Tout ça sort de la rue
Hein ? Qui l'eut cru ? Pas eux en tout cas

D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown

La nuit et calme sur l'ensemble de mon front
Pas de rêve, gars une trêve, dort très peu
Les factions sont sur le qui-vive
On est pas à l'abri d'une sale coup
Beaucoup sont déçus et ça cause
Des plaies à l'âme que l'on n'peut oublier
Impossible aussi d'oublier ceux qui sont tombés
Bons ou mauvais
On en garde un souvenir impérissable
Si un jour j'deviens vieux
Ce dont je doute avec la vie qu'je mène
J'écrirais un bouquin sur ce quartier

D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
D'où j'sors d'une ronde Belsunce Breakdown
Belsunce Breakdown
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Roll that beautiful bean footage... [22 Jan 2006|08:52pm]
I can't believe I haven't put the dispersion video up yet. Everyone should go check it out. Its extremly well put together. Its kinda big though and you have to download it so be warned.
As usual heres the link.
You might have to be registered on the site to download it, but it only takes two seconds to do it an you should already be on there by now...ahem. Americanparkour.com is a great site, its the best US site out there and theres a ton of people on it so go register now. That is your homework. And bring me an apple tomorrow if you want some extra points.

Also this has absolutely nothing to do with parkour but its just frickin sweet so I thought I'd throw that out there too.
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My name is click click.... [21 Jan 2006|06:08pm]
[ mood | numb ]

I meant to update yesterday I just didnt feel very in the mood for it. So heres what happened yesterday...
Met up with Kirk and Dan and scoped out the Shady Grove Metro station. Theres some nice places to practice there but some of the walls are very powdery and you cant get any grip on them at all. If you keep going past it there are some nice brick walls that you can get some good grip on though. There are some good vaults that we can practice and a nice sloped wall that we can jump off of as well as a nice ballance practicing wall. We should be able to have some fun down there.
After the metro we went back to Blueberry and practiced some more vaults. Kirk got his Kong over the table and Dan is still working on the Monkey over the bench(what is it with dans and not getting that vault :P )
Other noteworthy events from yesterday, I went shopping for PK food :D
So now I have a buttload of healthy foods that were recomended on the sites and some whey powder and lots of other yummy things. So if anyone wants a protein shake I'm working on perfecting a recipie right now :)
I also downloaded a bunch of french rap music which will be pretty cool to PK to.
Were starting to get quite a following here. If everyone sticks to this well have made quite a decently sized group here. We should start thinking of a name for ourselves. Something cheezy like Blueberry PK or something lol. Or something cooler if you want. I don't know. Throw some names out there. Try and make a handle for yourself too. Everyone in the forums has cool names. We should get some too so we can be cool like them. Haha. Whatev. Just remember have fun guys.
I don't think my foots getting better. I really need to have it looked at. My shoulders pretty bruised up too. I can't imagine why though. It's not the shoulder that I roll on. lol my body is so weird. I never know where my injuries are coming from.

Also a big shout out to Chase if hes reading this *waves* I hope you get really into this because once you get over the pain and blood its actualy pretty cool.

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Friday sessioning... [18 Jan 2006|06:16pm]
Everyone has school off on Friday so we've made plans to meet up again. Heres the schedule so far.
Me and Kirk can meet up earlier because he has to go do something so around 10ish at the metro. Whenever other people can get there. At 1 theres an open gym at Xtreme Acro and Cheer which I dont think were going to be able to make unless someone can get us a ride there. Its 5 bucks for the session there. Also normal saturday group is still meeting at the gym from 6-7:30 that one will run you 7 dollars but it would be a good place to meet up with some new people. After Kirk leaves I was going to head back to the park and meet everyone who wasnt here last time and work the vaults that we were doing there monday. And if you guys get comfortable down there, depending on how well the metro scouting went we might head back up there.
We also have a new member that Kirk recruited, so were all looking forward to meeting Dan on Friday also.
In sadder news, my shoes arived today but were a little bit too big. I guess I should have checked better in the store :(
I'm going to send them back and get a half size smaller and hopefuly that will work. Incredibly comfy shoes though even being too big and all. I can't wait till the new ones get here. Proably sometime next week.
Nick, Tim....I expect to see you guys there on Friday...ahem. That is all.
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Subtitles... [18 Jan 2006|05:47pm]
I know that I've posted this video before but this time it has subtitles so you can actualy understand what theyre saying. Kirk check out the kong vault around 3:45. Be more like that.

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Day two of many to come... [16 Jan 2006|11:41pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Another day of exercise and training with my good ol traceur buddies. :)
We got through some vaults some rolls and some conditioning. Kirk succesfully completed a Monkey Vault over the bench and has almost gotten the Kong Vault over the table. Lil Dan is still struggling with the Monkey but is getting better. He has the skill just fine now if only he would do it (any self depricating statements made here by you will be deleted just FYI Lil Dan).
Rolls are pretty good; next step: concrete :)

My foot seems to be doing fine today. I iced it last night and wrapped it in an Ace bandage and rewrapped it in the morning with some advil in me. It doesnt hurt as much, it's bearable to walk on at least. I was careful to stay off of it today during training which was kinda interesting. I feel lightheaded right now, kind of like im a balloon floating in air but anchored to the ground with a piece of tape...I don't think thats related though.

Friday were doing more training at the park than jogging down to the metro. It should be pretty empty there during the day so we should have the place pretty much to ourselves. Working on wall runs and landings/rolls there....looking forward to it :).

Heres the conditioning update...it still seems like so little...
Pullups-1x10 1x3
Suicide Pushups-up to 6 down to 3
Leg Raises-1x10
Trunk Lifts-2x20
Side Crunches-2x30
Frog Leaps-1x10
Calf Raises-2x30

Heres last weeks just for refrence....

Pull ups: 1 x 10 :(
Reverse pull ups: 1 x 3 :'(
Dips: 2 x 10
Ballanced Pushups: 1 x 10
Bench Walks 1 x 10
Handstands: 1 x 20, 1 x 60
Situps (elbows to knees): 3 x 30
Leg raises: 3 x 10
Trunk lifts: 2 x 30
Side crunches: 2 x 30
Squats: 2 x 20
Pistols: 1 x 10
Frog leaps: 3 x 10
Calf raises: 2 x 30
Weighted calf raises: 1 x 15

Just a little depressing. I should be getting better...

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