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My name is click click....

I meant to update yesterday I just didnt feel very in the mood for it. So heres what happened yesterday...
Met up with Kirk and Dan and scoped out the Shady Grove Metro station. Theres some nice places to practice there but some of the walls are very powdery and you cant get any grip on them at all. If you keep going past it there are some nice brick walls that you can get some good grip on though. There are some good vaults that we can practice and a nice sloped wall that we can jump off of as well as a nice ballance practicing wall. We should be able to have some fun down there.
After the metro we went back to Blueberry and practiced some more vaults. Kirk got his Kong over the table and Dan is still working on the Monkey over the bench(what is it with dans and not getting that vault :P )
Other noteworthy events from yesterday, I went shopping for PK food :D
So now I have a buttload of healthy foods that were recomended on the sites and some whey powder and lots of other yummy things. So if anyone wants a protein shake I'm working on perfecting a recipie right now :)
I also downloaded a bunch of french rap music which will be pretty cool to PK to.
Were starting to get quite a following here. If everyone sticks to this well have made quite a decently sized group here. We should start thinking of a name for ourselves. Something cheezy like Blueberry PK or something lol. Or something cooler if you want. I don't know. Throw some names out there. Try and make a handle for yourself too. Everyone in the forums has cool names. We should get some too so we can be cool like them. Haha. Whatev. Just remember have fun guys.
I don't think my foots getting better. I really need to have it looked at. My shoulders pretty bruised up too. I can't imagine why though. It's not the shoulder that I roll on. lol my body is so weird. I never know where my injuries are coming from.

Also a big shout out to Chase if hes reading this *waves* I hope you get really into this because once you get over the pain and blood its actualy pretty cool.
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