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Beast Coast Jam 06 Recap...

Okay, so like I said before, Beast Coast was AMAZING! There were about 55 people there from all over the country. A lot of them were from this area though so weve got some people we can meet up with and jam with sometime. I learned a lot of new skills and drills that I can practice now and really need to get out and try some more to make sure that I keep them. My main thing that I have now is precision jumps. I love them so much. They're so scarry, but they get me so pumped on adrenaline, and when you land a rail to rail its just such an incredible feeling of relief and amazement and you're like wow! I just made that! I pushed the distance of my jumps a little bit for some of the precisions too. I got in some precisions from heights, precisions to heights, and of course some rail work in as well.
My other big thing that I did was wall climbs. I got up on top of a wall that was about 8/9 feet I'm estimating. That was at the end of the day too so I probably could have gotten a little higher earlier in the day.
The gym session was amazing on Saturday, and I think I wore myself out there too soon because I started out Sunday already sore. I got a lot of good work in though regardless of the pain and I think I am better for it. I've been sucking down protien like nobodys shit and I think I'm gaining weight too. I've gained about 1.5 pounds of pure heart thumping muscle. :-D
Im not sore anymore today so I think I'm going to do my nightly workouts again to get back into the game. My upper body leaves a lot to be desired, as do my abs. But not to worry. They will be back and kicking in a month or two.
This summer is going to be incredible. I can't wait till I'm out of school and can train nonstop. Morning jogs, afternoon training, nightly workouts, it'll be great!
It'd be nice if I had some companions to train with, so if your interested just hit me up and ill come out and play!
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